Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be good to the servant, but masters don't get it.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:
Images from the public- service campaign show an Indian driver with a bit in his mouth and an Ethiopian maid kneeling in a doghouse.

"The man behind the television announcements and newspaper inserts says that it is time for Saudis to stop ignoring the issue and that their Muslim faith should compel them to act."

Advertising Executive, Kaswara al-Khatib

Kasawara al-Khatib has good intentions when he created this Public Service Announcement. Especially since he is addressing the abuse of Saudi employers towards their servants. Yet, I don't think this PSA poster/image does its job. I believe it would have been more effective if a Saudi person was in the position of the servant on a leech, to remind these employers that servants are human just like them. To put them in their place and let them think, "what if that was me."

Good idea Mr. Kaswara al-Khatib, but I hope you can create a stronger image to make the Saudi people think... with out getting arrested by the government of course. We don't want you to disappear into the night.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sometimes I feel like a poet ... then Dragons come.

Dark day in Camelot.

Why so down, princess?
The New Year polish must have worn off.
Now you must look into the future,
to see that odds are against us.

As the song goes,
Stand up and don't give up the fight.
If you want it,
It will come to light.
These dark days will remain dark,
if you refuse to create a spark.

So please get out of your rut
and figure this thing out.
Camelot is on the other side,
so jump on your horse and let us ride.

By: Euphemism
To: Anime

Decided to make this poem off the top of my head to my lady "Anime." I know it's terrible, but I've started getting some interest in spoken words as of late and thought I could dedicate a poem to her. She's getting over-whelmed with graduation and having to find a career either in London or in the USA. I just hope she knows that I'm here to help and I hope she OR you don't think this poem is too horrible.


Confectionery monster at a cookie bakery in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

I decided to go and visit Annapolis, Maryland today and see what's up with that city. I was amused at its architecture and European atmosphere. I wish I had more time to spend there but sadly, my meter was running out and I didn't see any point in eating at any of the expensive restaurants with out a date. So I departed, but not before I saw the coolest Starbucks location I have ever seen. Come back tomorrow to see that image. =)

Till then... Day 2 complete.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Resolution


It is a new year and a new day for me. I've been neglecting this blog as of late due to vacation and my own desire to hide how boring my life has been of late. I've been partying it up in the Washington D.C. area. Although I've made a New Years Resolution to try and write an article on the blog for everyday of the year. Like a journal to share with you my thoughts and the most interesting news article I've found online.
I don't usually believe in resolutions for the new year... because it just sets us up for failure. Yet, I've decided that until I close this blog... I will try to:
  • Post an entry everyday
  • Include an image with that entry everyday.
  • Share at least ONE interesting article for that day, then provide my analysis of the situation.

I hope this first entry can help guide me for the year to come.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!


I just got some rest from the party and drinking of New Year's Eve. On New Year's Eve I chose to eat some Sushi at Asahi Sushi in Baltimore, on Broadway street at Fells Point. Then rolled into Green Turtle to watch the clock strike 12, while girls in skimpy outfits fall to the ground in a drunken stupor.

New Year's day... I relaxed, ran some errands and then sat in a Starbucks to read a good portion of this book titled, "The Afghan." A really interesting fictional book that incorporates the history of Afghanistan, England, America, Taliban and Al Qaeda as a back drop for a really interesting story. In an almost layman method, he explains how the western society found itself in Afghanistan after 9/11 and how Al Qaeda came to power. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in espionage and history.

Friday, December 19, 2008

been gone

I've been M.I.A.

I went to Washington DC, Baltimore, and New York City recently. Got a chance to hang out at KATZ Deli... which is where the orgasm scene occurred in "When Harry Met Sally."

Anyways, I found this awesome blog about home decoration... enjoy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hi guys! Sorry to leave you for so long. Haven't blogged since post election day. Been busy. I'm actually in Washington D.C., hoping to be around for the inaguration day.

I just want to say to everyone. If you love someone, please love them back. Don't be afraid to stick your neck out to tell them you love them. May it be a lover or your children. Our time on this earth is too short to play games and be aloof.

I recently realized that I was putting out more effort than the other person, but I have no regrets. Because I always told them how much I loved them... and when that wasn't enough, I showed them through actions. I just think we both had a different definition of Love.

I personally think Love conquers all. If BOTH people are trying to make love work... then it will be fine. But if only one person is making the effort and the other person is stagnant or just unwilling to do something on behalf of love.. then I question if its love.

I can and will do anything for my woman, all I ask is the same in return. If that is your situation, then you are ahead of me and the curve. I know women still exist who love passionately and not ashamed to love their man... I hope I can find that girl someday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama Election Night

During the election day of Nov. 4, 2008 I was in London, England (don't worry I did early voting). I stayed up until 4am to watch the election results. All my British friends fell asleep, yet I stayed on to watch Obama win Ohio and then California.

I was amazed at the interest of the British people with our election. Then again, the whole world was watching as America was about to elect the first colored man into the most powerful office in the world. Everyone knew this was a historical moment. It really did give people hope.

BBC, SKY One, and ITV4 had their own special programming to cover the election. My favorite moment was when BBC brought on John Bolton (ex-UN Secretary) and a British Author, it was a little past midnight in London and the panel looked tired. A field reported made a comment that Palin is the mistake that lost the election for the Republicans. John Bolton was quick to defend Palin and the Republican party, then a civil debate began to unfold before my eyes.

It was interesting because John Bolton got huffy and puffy over a comment that was obvious to everyone, but he refused admit to it. The reporter was only making the point that nominating Palin strengthened the Christian right, but alienated the Republican center. Losing the election, since they failed to attract the people in the center of the party (since the Christian right would vote Republican either way).

Yet, John Bolton was quick to accuse how the reporter had no idea what she was talking about, etc. For a prior UN-Secretary, John Bolton lacks human interaction skills. I found him to be crass and condescending to the people around him, not to mention stubborn. I can only imagine how much of an ass he was to work with in the United Nations. He continued to call for a reporter to be fired, because the reporter tried to ask a republican organizer about their chances for a victory that evening. The Republican organizer was elusive in his response and the reporter continued to question him to get a clear and straight forward response. John Bolton thought that was rude of the reporter.

First off, it wasn't that serious. Secondly, he was a reporter... that's what he's supposed to do. GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER! Not let a schmuck get away with elusive responses. We should actually get more reporters like that, who asks the tough questions and state the obvious.

Enough of Mr. Bolton. After the victory, within the next few days I watched programs and news paper articles featuring Mr. Obama and the Democratic Victory. It was amazing to see the interest in our election, they all knew that it would affect them in one way or another. The most touching thing I experienced was a father and daughter behind me on the 207 bus. They sat in the back seat conversing about Obama and the election. Most of the conversation was in Arabic (they were from North Africa I think), yet I got the gist of what the exchange was all about. The father was explaining to his daughter about the American election and why Obama victory was all over the news. He was explaining to her, why the moment was historical.

Because the father knew that this moment was not possible in England or any European country that had white faces in higher office. Articles about institutional racism filled the news paper and how the British government is no where near to having a colored Prime Minister. The father knew that America is still the land of opportunity and equality. That hope can still come from her people. That is when I knew that it was cool to be an American again... not because of Mr. Obama, but because of the American people itself who looked past the color lines, looked past the fear mongering, and walked towards the future together, voting for the first Black President of the United States. Showing the world that we judge people by their character and not by the color of their skin.

As I write this blog entry, I am filled with emotion imagining fathers and mothers explaining to their kids the significance of this election. Explaining to their child that hard work, education and dedication can get you ahead. That anything is still possible in America. Terrorist or not, they can't deny that such a feat could never happen in their countries, may it be in the Middle East, Europe, or Asia.

So to my fellow Americans I say this, "GOOD JOB GUYS! GOOD JOB!"

I'm glad together we voted and showed that progress can me made in 46 years. I hope you are smiling Dr. King, I hope you are smiling.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

London 2008: Photo Mayehem I

On my recent trip to London I decided to take some photos as I walked around the city... Wait, what?

What was I doing in London to begin with? Well, I was there to visit friends, record some B-Roll and take photographs of my friend (codename) Koala for a clothing company she was invited to model/represent.

Here are some of my favorite photos from that trip.

Above: Koala waiting for the bus. I love how the "K" appears behind her.
I didn't notice that when I was taking the photo,
but it works out since her name starts with a K.

Above: I remember reading about this Rodin sculpture
in Art History class. It was nice to see it as I wandered
around the Parliament area.

Above: The Thames River with The Parliament and London Eye.
By this point my digital camera battery died and
had to take this beautiful shot with my iPhone.

Above: Walked by a park on my way to catch the bus, when I turned to see this sight.
The light was just right and realized the scene was majestic.
My digital camera was still dead, so I had to use my iPhone.
I'm so glad that my iPhone was able to capture this beautiful moment.

Above: A cool neon light display of the human vascular system.

Stay tuned as I plan to give you a few images from the photo shoot and my wanderings of the famous Brick Lane. Until next time, stay sexy folks.